Imagine Mines Management System
Mr. Sachin Gavali
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   ICS take this an opportunity to introduce our new venture known as “Imagine Multi Services” where in, we provide state of art technology services in any type of client based as well as web based customized software which helps you run your business effectively in ease. It takes care of all your business needs and give you the analytical data which helps you to boost your business in a right direction.

   As a pilot project , we have introduced “Mine Management System” through our state of art customized software and built a system for Maharashtra Government and it helped them to manage mine erection , no of trips, their timing of pick ups, the name of the person who picked up ,mine Brass quantity& validity of contract for contractors. The balance quantity, verification officer check, number of trips done by contractors pertaining to their contract period for Mining officer/The collector at a single glance. This Mine management system helped contractor, verification officer and mining officer all to save their time with accurate report and results with no malpractices. In fact collector get the fortnight reporting through emails and sms and keep them updated on the current status of contractors, trips availed and balance remained so that they can plan the new contract periods for the active contractors.

   We have a brilliant team to manage this show, develop the software and build the system based on customer requirement. We are proud to mention here that our aim of “customer satisfaction” has kept us in business.